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6 Symptoms of Fecal Incontinence

Fecal incontinence can be embarrassing and disruptive to your daily routine. However, we offer innovative treatments to provide the relief you need. Read on to learn the six symptoms of fecal incontinence and how we treat it.

Apr 4th, 2021
Could This Be What Caused Your Uterine Prolapse?

Uterine prolapse is fairly common. But if it happens to you, you want to find the cause — and a solution — as quickly as possible. To help, let’s explore some common causes of uterine prolapse.

Mar 9th, 2021
What Causes Uterine Prolapse?

Uterine prolapse can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and even alarming. However, we can provide treatment to return your uterus to its correct position and prevent it from prolapsing again.

Feb 15th, 2021
The Difference Between Interstitial Cystitis and UTIs

Most women have had a UTI at some point in their lives, but interstitial cystitis, or IC, is a chronic condition with confusingly similar symptoms. Learn why correct diagnosis is critical, and about treatments for each condition here.

Jan 6th, 2021
5 Causes of Vaginal Irritation

Are you wondering whether your vaginal irritation will go away by itself? How do you know when you need to see a specialist? Learn about the five most common causes of vaginal irritation.

Dec 1st, 2020
Having a Hysterectomy? Here’s What to Expect

Hysterectomies have come a long way. Thanks to robotic-assisted surgery, this procedure is now minimally-invasive, doesn’t require an overnight hospital stay, and entails a speedier recovery. Read on to learn more.

Nov 23rd, 2020
How Botox Can Help Your Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder is a common condition that leads to embarrassing leaks. You might be surprised to find out that Botox helps to reduce these unwanted symptoms. Read on to find out how Botox works and why you might want to consider this treatment.

Oct 8th, 2020
Struggling With Fecal Incontinence? We Can Help

Fecal incontinence is more common than you think. About 6% of young women and 15% of older women experience it. Fortunately, it’s also highly treatable. Find out what could be causing your symptoms and learn how you can get help.

Sep 23rd, 2020
Can Pelvic Organ Prolapse Be Prevented?

Many factors can cause pelvic organ prolapse, a condition where internal support for your pelvic organs fails. The condition is more common in older women who have experienced vaginal childbirth. Can you prevent prolapse? Keep reading to learn more.

Jun 1st, 2020